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Originally Posted by cresmoon View Post
ETA: margz, you could do what I'm going to do: add the KP needles to your birthday or holiday list and tell your loved ones that's what you want. Most years my parents get me something I have absolutely no use for and either I end up returning it or never using it, like the bag they gave me last year which I've used twice since then. Instead I'm going to let them know about the KP needles if they ask so at least it won't be something I drag out of my closet when I remember I have it.
Oh totally. I've been dropping all kinds of hints to my boyfriend (okay so maybe I actually told him outright) that a knit picks set is what I want for Christmas/Birthday. (So far I've decided to just buy tips and cables seperately in the sizes I need). But man I also want the set of the new 6 inch dpns!! Winter means glove knitting!
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