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increasing rows with seam rows
Please help, I can;t figure out how I should increase this pattern!
It;s for a baby sweater by Lainie Hering .It goes from 54 sts to 150 sts in 12 rows, that should make 8 inc sts on each inc row. Its where to add them that gets me!Thanks! It reads as follows

Neck edge
With larger needles and CC cast on 46 sts.
Drop CC join MC. Knit 2 rows.


Row 1(inc row):K9 for left front;yo k1 for seam st;yo,k3 for sleeve;yo k1 for seam st;yo k 18 for back;yo k1 for seam st ,k3 for sleeve;yo k1 for seam st;yo k9 for right front - 54 sts.

Row 2:K4 purl across to last 4 sts, k4.

Note: For buttonhole. On boys sweater, place buttonhole on left side by working k2,yo, k2tog work rem sts in established pattern.

Rep(Rows 1 and 2) 12 times and at the same time, on 2nd inc row (RS)make first buttonhole. Rep buttonhole (every 2 inches)twice - 3 Buttonholes.
Note:3rd buttonhole is worked after sts are dividedfor body.

Divide for body
Place sts for body on sts holders .
Place 22 sts from left,31 sts including 2 seams sts from left sleeve , 44 sts from back, 31 sts including 2 seams sts from right sleeve , 22 sts from right front.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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