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Practically New Jordana Paige Rio -SOLD
Hi everyone -
I am selling by beloved Jordana Paige Rio bag. I just bought it a month ago, and I do love it, but my physical therepist said it was screwing up my back, so I would like to sell it to someone who will love it as much as me. I bought this about a month and half ago, and only used it for maybe 3 weeks. It would love to carry your knitting, wallet, tools, cell phone, and your lunch.
I bought this for $90.00 at my LYS in Portland, OR. I would love to get $60.00 for it, but will consider any offer over $50.00.
Here is my listing on Craigslist for those in the Portland area, or if you would like to see pictures of the actual bag.
If you live elsewhere, and would like to purchase, I will ship it anywhere in the US for free.

Thank you for looking!
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