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Has anybody made Shalom Cardigan with Ishi's mods?
Hello. I'm currently working on Shalom Cardigan using Ishi's mods from Ravelry. On row 45 of the pattern, do I follow the original directions or am I supposed to use different numbers since Ishi splits it up by front, sleeve, back, sleeve, other front?

See for the Shalom pattern.

Ishi's mods included...

Divided the stitches, front 28sts (5+23sts), sleeve 33sts, back 47sts, sleeve 33sts, front 28sts (169sts).
(Back 47sts) Added 8 rows for the back length.
(Body) 28sts, cast on 10sts for the underarm, 47sts, cast on 10 sts, 28sts (total 123sts).
(Sleeve) 33sts, pick up 6sts from back selvage edge, 11sts from underarm. total 50sts.

Row 45 of the pattern calls for "k19, bind off 46, k39, bind off 46, knit 19". Do I have to change these directions to make it like Ishi? Or does she separate the stitches after this row?

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