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I am a new knitter and have crocheted for years and reading knitting help has be a wealth of information to me. I have fallen in love with the knit pick harmony wood circular interchangeable s, and am asking for them for my happybirthdaytome next month, my reasons are so that I won't have to buy so many needles in straights, I have tried dpn to do a round project and its just crazy to me all the needles flopping around. I do like the bamboo. Seems in knitting you need alot more things to do a project than in crochet all I need is X size hook.
So part of my decision to get a set is based on getting all I will mostly ever need in one set, and you get what you pay for in quality. My question is this: How are the cables on these are they flexable, plyiable
easy to deal with. How are they compared to other nice sets? I did try a pair of circular bamboo and then went and put them in boiling water but they still were unruley and just want to flop around and such, I just went back to my research on finding a good pair a set of needles. Also I can straight knit on the circulars and how bout that magic loop thing how are knitpicks cables for that, but I probably won't need to do it much because I will have most all the cables.
If I do get the set, should I but one extra cable? what size should that be?
Thanks again for all the information on this forum its the little thing one needs to know, that can only be found out from experienced knitters here.
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