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made my first pair of socks on my sock machine
About 3 weeks ago I bought an old cranking sock machine. I had my first lesson on it today, and although my head is still swimming
from it all, ( so much to learn..lots of things to watch for) I actually made a pair of socks! My lesson was about 5 hours long, part of that time was spent learning some about the machine, and doing a set up bonnet. (that is what is used when to start out with) It's quite a different experience than hand knitting a sock, of course I am just beginning and have much to learn, but I don't think this will have the same calm rhythm that hand knitting does, perhaps I'll change my mind on that once I learn more and don't have to concentrate on so many things at once. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I first learned to knit as well. (thank goodness for the little "in the front door, out the back.." poem) I'm still learning what kinds of yarn my sock machine "likes," apparently there are some types that are easier for a beginner to use than others. Like I said...I still have lots to learn. I will say it was pretty cool to have a whole pair of socks done in such a short period of time. Once I get more proficient, there is a pair of socks that can be knitted in 20 minutes, 10 minutes per sock! I still need to Kitchner the toes on the ones I made , but I'll do that tomorrow. My assignment is to crank out 20 more pairs of socks, then call and schedule my next lesson. (of course I can call, or email if I have questions or am too confused to make a pair on my own. I can go for another lesson if I need one before then, but it is an hour away, so i'll try and get help the other way first. I have written instructions and DVD's, so those should help.) I can take as long as I want to do the 20 pairs of socks. Shoot, I haven't even hand knit 20 pairs of socks yet...this could be interesting.

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