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so I have searched the internet over and cannot find this pattern, maybe someone else would have better luck?

I bought the pattern from a local store who is closed until tuesday. It is a leaflet from their dealer Nordic Yarn Imports. It is number 5101 by idena almedahls, Sorbetto summer top.

You cast on 81 stitches and then knit from diagram. the diagram has 8 rows to repeat and starts with 6 stitches, but you only repeat 4 stitches to the end. First two stitches are Purl/knit two depending on w/r side of work.

then you knit2 tog, then yo, then purl/knit two stitches. So you only repeat these 4 stitches to the end. But that leaves one stitch left over. What do I do with that one stitch? Can anyone find the pattern or is this enough info?
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