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Ok, I joined Bernat...found your pattern, and saved the PDF pattern.

It looks to me like your armhole has been decreased wrong.

For size 6 months, this is what I perceive the pattern to be saying for the first FRONT:

Cast on 52. Work g st for 2".
Commence shaping as follows:
RS FACING> Row 1: Dec 1 at front edge (51 st remain)
RS Rows 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31,33: Dec 1 at front edge (35 st remain)
RS Rows 37,41,45,49: Dec 1 at front edge (31 st remain)


WS Row 50: bind off 7 (24 st remain) (yes, that's it for armhole shaping)

Now continuing with the FRONT EDGE shaping:
RS Rows 51,55,59,63,67,71,75,79,83,87,91,95: Dec 1 at front edge (12 st remain)

Continue with no further decreases anywhere until the piece measures 4 3/4" from the armhole bindoffs. End by working a RS row. Then bind off with a WS facing.

NOTE: sometimes the length will be satisfied by the time you've worked Row 95. Be sure to measure. This would be a garment where ROW GAUGE is important not to be too tall.
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