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debbie bliss bootee help
has anyone ever made a pair of debbie bliss bootees? I have done the first part, including "shaping the instep", but now i am STUCK!!! The pattern has asked me to break off the yarn, leave stitches on holder, then with right side facing, rejoin yarn at base of instep and with needle holding first stitches, pick up and k12 along side of instep, k across centre sts, then pick up and k12 sts along other side of instep. k rem 12 sts. 60 sts. k12 rows. break off yarn....

well, there are only 36 stitches to start with (not 60), so i am not sure what to do. I am also not sure how this all connects.... has anyone ever made a pattern like this? it is from debbie bliss's baby style. this pattern seemed so simple at first. now i am lost!!! thanks for any help.

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