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Originally Posted by Arielluria View Post
I have a perfect example of how confusing charts can be to me. I'm starting on the Branching Out Scarf from Knitty:

Rows 7 & 9 (the 2 top ones on chart below) begin and end with the bold dark squares. The explanation of the chart says that those mean "no stitch"........... , forget that THAT makes no sense..................The written pattern reads for row 7: K3 and row 9: K4 ....which (written) makes sense, but if you look at the chart it's row 7: no stitch; no stitch; sl, k2tog, psso and row 9 chart reads no stitch; no stitch; no stitch; k ........

Row 7: first 2 and last 2 'boxes' are black cuz those 2 stitches actually reside in box 3, where you are directed to
K3T (2 stitches lost) and at the end of the row: sl-K2T-psso (2 stitches lost) Also remember, Rows 7 & 9 are rows where the extra stitches will be lost. You cast on 25, but that count quickly increased to 31. The end of Row 7 you'll be down to 27. The end of Row 9 you'll be back to 25.

Row 9: Cuz Row 7 takes way more stitches than it gives back as yarnovers, the number of stitches on Row 8 is less than normal. So, Row 9 is deficient by a few in the first place.

Oh, and the K4...that prolly includes that 3 st garter border.

When I'm using a chart, ALWAYS IGNORE the black boxes.
For all intents and purposes, YOUR ROW begins after the black boxes.

Of course, with Branching Out, your row begins with the border, but your charted row begins AFTER the black boxes.

Branching Out, if I'm remembering rightly, has unusual stitch count across the rows. The pattern warned about it. Due to more decreases than yo's...or vice versa...the row count can go down. But, whatever amount of stitches is taken away on a previous row, you'll get 'em back on a subsequent row.

For example, Row 5 ends up with 31 st. But row 7 goes down to 27 st (2 stitches lost at the beg and end of the row). Row 9 goes down a further 2.

So, you have the black boxes to indicate their absence. Row 5 had 31. Row 7 lost 4. Row 9 lost 2 more.

I remember writing it all down, row by row, how many stitches would be left at the end of each row in the chart, then I'd do a 'head count' at the end of each RS working row to make sure everyone was there. Then I'd move on to the WS resting row.

Oh, and needless to say, I installed lifelines at the end of each repeat! If I made errors, it was always due to an extra yo or a missing yo!

Hope this helps. If you need, I can dig up my notes for Branching Out. BTW: the pattern has no errors. And the chart is right.

PS: I remember this much: I bagged trying to work with BOTH the written words AND the chart. If you decide to work with the not look at the written directions again. Read them, review them at the first, but don't compare them row by row.
And vice versa.
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