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I love this thread! I sing Danny boy substituting Benny for my dog Bentley. I also sing the Oscar Meyer song which always cracks me up since Bentley my last name has way too many letters.
My puppy has a first name its Bentley my puppy has a second name its P****** oh I love to hug(or kiss depends on the day) him every day and if you ask me why I'll saaaay cause Bentley P****** has way of making me smile today.
another Oscar Meyer version he hears quite frequently is Oh, I'd love to be an Bentley my last name .That is what I'd truly like to be.'Cause if I were an Bentley my last name,Everyone would be in love with me.
I have quite a few others! I also sing to my cats but they look at me like I am crazy. Where as Bentley sits and wags his tail. I'd much rather sing to a receptive audience.

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