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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Have you been TEETERING on the brink of purchasing KNITPICKS new Harmony Wood STRAIGHTS?

The full 10" set is on sale for 42% off until May 7th.
The 14" set is 37% off!

This kind of sale is, I think, unprecedented for KnitPicks. I've never seen them offer their new line of anything for such a deep discount. They say it is a Mother's Day Sale.

I bought one 10" pair in size US8 a few months ago...and I must report that they are wonderful! I just wanted to give 'em a try! I knit mostly on circs, as do a lot of folks these days, but I think the HARMONY STRAIGHTS could be a nice diversion when making SCARVES.

I used my US8 straights for binding off. It made binding off so much easier. I like how the 10" length handles.

I will use them for a scarf soon.
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