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I think DH will die if I ask about making yet another KnitPicks order this month, LOL

I *just* ordered the nickel plated interchangeable set last week and am waiting ever so patiently for it to arrive (I'm in Canada so it takes like 2 weeks+!) and a week before that I took the plunge and ordered the interchangeables I had purchased a 40" fixed size 2 for socks and a set of size 2 DPNs to go with it. Those have arrived and I LOOOOOOOVE THEM! I know I will love my interchangeable set.

However, I should consider the Harmony Wood straights set, as I do really enjoy wooden needles. It might be a nice change if I'm having trouble with slippery yarn on the nickel-plated interchangeables.

Just as a quick side question for ArtLady, you mentioned the straights would be good for scarves and that you'd use them for scarves... is there a reason for preferring straights to knitting flat on circs for a scarf? I've done scarves both ways and now that I can do just about everything on circs I dunno why I'd buy straights anymore. Then again, having the wood straights as a backup would be nice. Any reason specifically for scarves?

Enjoy the sale, everyone! :D <3KP
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