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Hey Woodi! I think I worked out where your pattern started to go off center (not that it matters). You're going anticlockwise until the first lot of buff, but when you change to green you start going clockwise. then you appear to have realised you've gone wrong somewhere and tried to "fix" it. which makes it really creative. And it'd be great to give to a really obsessive kid (like I was) and see how long it takes for them to work out that the colours repeat but the pattern doesn't. And your stitches look nice and even. Of Course if you want to knit some more Log Cabins to get it perfect...
Thi is all your fault Artlady. I can just see me walking into NarcAnom and saying "Hi, my name is Vixxen, and I'm addicted to LogCabins. Sometimes, the urges get so bad, I want to share needles between projects."
Meh, It's better than crack.
Oh and Woodi, how'd you read my KnitNotebook all the way canada? Lol, seeing as I've scraped the "extra end logs" idea feel free to take it.
On a "I'm going to pretend to be serious note" about how much yarn did it take for people to do their trims? I've got a week to get the last 2 and a half logs done and the trim and that means I have to get the yarn for it tommorrow.
And a picci of my progress...
Wow, Long post. too much coffee and sleep depravation.
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