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If you have access to a Hobby Lobby, I highly recommend their Hushabye baby yarn. It is 50% cotton/ 50% acrylic and comes in a pretty good range of non-baby colors (some very pretty greens, brown, cream and at least 3 blues. Even the pink isn't 'baby pink') It is really soft and springy and was very pleasant to knit with. I just finished knitting a sweater with it (almost finished - it's blocking now) and I would use the yarn again definitely.

I haven't seen the Red Heart you mention and haven't used the cotton ease, but I just wanted to tell you about the HL yarn because it's new, has the same fiber content as the others, and I loved using it!

Edited to add: The Hushabye has 208 yds per ball and is 4.99; it may be on sale this week for $3.66, or that might have been last week.
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