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Invisible Cast On/Provisional Cast On
I'm starting a bag pattern which calls for an invisible cast on. I tried following the instructions with the pattern and then came to the videos here at KH to follow, but for the life of me I just can't get this method. I searched the 'Net and came up with several videos at You Tube. One of them used a waste yarn and working yarn in a long tail CO method which was simple for me to follow. You can see it here:

Since I can do this CO, am I being a "communist" by not using what is considered an invisible CO. Or, is this CO just as simple to open and pick up as the recommended CO?

Can the two methods be used interchangeably? At this point (just starting the project) I don't see much difference, but I'd hate to get to the time to pick up the provisional stitches and find out this method doesn't work.

Thanks for your input knitters!

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