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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
There's 4 rows to the pattern, 1 and 3 are the same, p the WS rows with edge sts in garter. 2 and 4 are slightly different; while they both have purl twists, they're over different sts in the row. You work all the panels in one color, only the borders are worked in the other colors.

A dpn is a double ponted needle; you can also use a short cable needle, a skewer, a straigtened paper clip - anything short and straight to hold the sts on for a minute.

The panel instructions have you work the edge sts (outside the cable pattern) in garter stitch. Also the sts between the cables are to be worked in garter - knit on both sides. So maybe you wouldn't purl the WS rows after all. I can't see the detail of the blanket well enough to tell if that's the case.
What are the borders?
Thanks for your help, Ariana

Thanks Jan, that does make a lot more sense!
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