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Which is harder: knitting or crocheting?
Very little of you know me, finishing my first project of the Death Note scarf:

My 2nd project is a scarf like this, however its in red & cream, double-sided, a cat logo on each end & my co-worker's name in the middle with cabling lengthwise along each side - is being put on hold.

Now I've wondered about this while I'm doing a 3rd project, which is knitting a baby elephant (found it online) for my mom on mother's day. As I'm doing this, it says to crochet the ears, so I thought "ok, how hard can this be." I was wrong , its COMPLETELY hard, I couldn't understand what the instructions was trying to tell me, even after watching video, after video, after video of doing these steps, I still couldn't get it right. So basically I'm giving up on the instructions and do it myself in my own way like how I've done my previous projects.

So as a beginner knitter & a WAY below beginner on crocheting , which is harder for you?
Personally its crocheting, knitting is so much easier , even though I can't get the tension right so some loops would be tight, others loose n.n;;
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