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Can someone help me understand a row?
I am trying to begin this pretty cardigan...when you see it you need to know it starts out with knitting the cable bands that form around the neck and down the front...take a look...
Here is what the directions say: 18-Stitch Cable Braid--panel of 22 sts.
Row 1 and all WS rows - k2,p18,k2
Rows 2 and 4 - p2, k18, p2.
This is what I can't figure out...

Row 6-k6, C12F (which means to sl6 to cn and hold in front, k6, k6 from cn)..but that leaves me with stitches left over and the fold over is UGLY that this stitch makes.

Since it is an "18 stitch cable braid" I must still do the p2 at the beginning and end of that row which would leave me with the 18 for the cable. But the C12F only uses up 12 what do I do with the 6 stitches that are left on the needle? So what am I "not getting" here?
Thanks SO much for any help you can give me.
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