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I just wanted to throw out some ideas. I was wondering if it might be a good idea to get some business cards printed and send them along with the regional oddball blankets. I know that KH would have to take the initial cost (or someone else who is willing to do it) but I would be more than willing to pass along the business cards if I had them, but I don't have a printer that prints color, nor cardstock.

It would be really awesome if once in awhile along with the oddball blankets a bunch of the business cards were sent along with it, then everyone could grab a few to distribute to people, leaving the rest for the next knitter.

Also, I was wondering if perhaps you could design a bumper sticker and have those available in your store. I would LOVE to have a knitting help sticker to put on my car and/or laptop.

This is such a great website and I tell people about it all the time, but it would be better if I could have some visual aids. :P
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