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The thing about it is, even though lots of people are just bound and determined that their favorites are the way to go, no one knits just like you do. Your favorite might be something I'd never be able to knit with, and vice versa. (For instance, I'm a metal girl through and through. I own a set of wood interchangeables, and hardly ever use them. I'm almost always on my nickel-plated needles, even on really slippery yarns. I cannot stand working with Denise, because the resin feel of them drives me crazy. Yet that's the exact opposite for other knitters who can't stand working with metal and always want to use either plastic or wood.) The important thing is that you try them to see what works for YOU.

Find a bunch of friendly knitters with all kinds of needles who are willing to let you try them out and do some knitting on all kinds of needles. You'll very quickly figure out what works for YOU.

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Latest FO: A shrug for an Anthropologie swap in beautiful Casbah sock yarn, in Cedar, a dark green semi-solid, my own pattern. Also a quick Noro Silk Garden neckwarmer for my friend Aideen, in a vine lace pattern.

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