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Sock Marathon!!
You know, like in limenviolet, they had a sock marathon. This is basically what that is, with some changes. What they did was posted pics of their stash and set a goal (i.e. "I'm going to knit 3 mi of my stash.) Every so often, they posted what they made and how many yards of yarn used converted to miles. (From yards to feet, feet to miles.) The period of time is negotiable, so this can change to what works for you. Sorta. Here are some of the rules that I made (again, these are negotiable):

1. If you find a skein/skeins of yarn that you MUST buy, this KAL isn't stopping you.
2. You need to post pics of your stash (if you're just doing a sock marathon, just post pics of your sock yarn) before you start this KAL, and after this KAL is finished.
3. It would be gladly appreciated if you updated frequently, but things come up, so...
4. You need to post pics of your finished objects. (You don't have to post what yarn you used, but you have to post the milage.)
5. For now, the time period is 3 months. (Starting date is July 1st. This is negotiable if this doesn't work for you.)
6. This sock marathon is for 3 miles. (This is also negotiable.)

This is really just the basics, so just about all of these are negotiable.
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