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FO: Cell Phone Case!!!
It's rather funny how things turn out.

I was working on the modified version of my ipod cover when I realized about half way down that I casted on 12 stitches rather than 16. It wasn't going to be wide enough for my Ipod.

But I didn't want to frog it. The knitting itself was coming out too pretty to just tear apart.

So as I began to curse the idea of starting all over again my eyes fell upon my cell phone and it was like a happy dance went off in my head. I decided to use what I was knitting and turn it into a cell phone case...

(Note: For some reason this pic came out lighter than the first one. The original color likeness is more of the first one. ^_^)

So simple enough. I just kept on knitting about 50 rows and then sewed the seams at the sides. I added a pretty golden toned button on the front and, using the same yarn I used for my prior piece, created a braided cord that I sewed on the inside back of the case.

And et voila...I was done in about an hour's time.
I'm actually quite happy with this. Am using it at the moment.

So yeah, I think it's rather amusing at times how things turn out at the end...even though you were never planning on taking things that way.

I have no idea how this all even started but I love it!!!

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