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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
Jess why does he have to do the asking?
Because Chris she asked him to the wedding; so technically she made the first leap. Now it's his turn. Unless there's a mutual agreement between them saying that they can both just call eachother and go spend time together whenever. duh. jk didn't mean the duh; it was just not something I wanted to delete.
Jess I think that's great news.

not much planned for today; was going to cut Grandma's grass but it's now raining here & it's only 9:15 so guess I'll wait till tomorrow. Also need to find a swimsuit that doesn't let my top half hang out when I bend over to pick up kids or toys etc.
I have 4 balls left of red, white & blue sugar & cream & wanna make a little top for the girls to wear for 4th of July. Any pattern ideas out there y'all? They both wear the same size, well close enough. maybe a halter? I got 2 of gmas favorite dishcloths out of 1 ball of yarn & still have 1 color stripe left; thinking I could have made them a tiny bit bigger
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