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Originally Posted by cacunn View Post
Jess why does he have to do the asking?
I'm a hopeless romantic, what can I say?
Seriously, though, I know there's really no rule that says I can't ask him. I'm shy with boys, though (well, I'm fine with being just friends). It's really hard for me to do anything first - it really frustrated my ex, and I try to get over it, but it is something I continue to struggle with.
Originally Posted by mwhite View Post
I would definitely make a note to with this one.....sounds like he might be a keeper!!!
Originally Posted by jberry16 View Post
Because Chris she asked him to the wedding; so technically she made the first leap. Now it's his turn. Unless there's a mutual agreement between them saying that they can both just call eachother and go spend time together whenever. duh. jk didn't mean the duh; it was just not something I wanted to delete.
Technically I don't think either of us leapt in the beginning. We kind of fell in together by virtue of not drinking (so we could either be lonely on Thursdays when everyone else went to the pub, or go have dinner and watch TV together), and enjoying photography. Then we found out that we have pretty complimentary interests beyond that...
It comes down to time and distance. We enjoyed hanging out in Australia, but at the time, it was a few months and then we'd be more or less permanently residing halfway across a continent from each other. Statistically, it was unlikely that we would even keep in touch. (Obviously we beat this one, but for the record, the person I had next most regular contact with was one of the girls from my school, and she lived in the apartment next to mine... I didn't see her as much as you'd think.)
Also, I know he doesn't want another long distance relationship. He's had a couple of failures in that department. Which is fine with me. We may end up living closer together, some time in the future - he's looking for jobs all over the country and I'm looking at grad schools in the same region (ie all over). Or he might decide (have decided? he IS flying out here to go to a stranger's wedding...) that he's willing to risk long-distance one more time. If I don't think he wants to try long distance again, I can wait.
Or maybe I'm just crazy and nothing's going on and he has some completely mundane reason for agreeing to this.

Speaking of the wedding, Amanda had her final wedding shower today, and afterwards Teenie and I went shopping and I actually found a dress that fits well! I'm an oddball size: well, less an odd size than a shape that a lot of clothes simply won't work with. So it's really frustrating to go clothes shopping. So finding a really cute dress, that actually fits, and is a good color on me, is amazing. Also, its a size smaller than my normal size, and the next size below that fit pretty well, too.

In otherwords, I'm having an amazing week.
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