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OT: Question for the Mods **Answered**
Apropos of Nothing, I received the following note in my Ravelry message box. I was wondering about this KH as an alternative.

Positive Role Model
Sent at 6:32 AM Today

Hi, Jack. Just saw your profile. Hope you donít mind me adding you to my friends. I am a grade 3 teacher in Saudi Arabia, and I just taught my class to crochet. Three of my boys are here on Rav and I am always looking for GUYS that are crocheting to provide good role models for them! No prejudice on my part, but since these are YOUNG boys, I am looking, obviously, for STRAIGHT men who crochet! The main Raveler, is [student name or pseudonym]. [a Ravelry membername] If you can help him out with patterns or how toís or just encouragement, that would be great!
Random and unexpected. Would anyone here recommend Ravelry for grade 3 students? (I presume they are under age 10) I don't believe there are any 'parental' controls to Ravelry, are there? I was surprised by some Ravelry project pictures that I happened across, ones I would NOT want my own children to see. (Tag was "Naughty"; 'Nuf said?)

I considered a reply suggesting this KH forum because the mods here do such a good job addressing post that may cause issues with the sites stated "policy" (can't think of the exact wording used here).

Does KH have a questions for the Mods section/thread for post of this nature?

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