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Lieke: Be careful not to get too much sun. We don't want you missing train and knitting time going to work.

Julie: Remind me to tell you a joke some time about grass and tribes! I can't post it here, LOL!

Chris: I won't see her for a while now, but will pass on the message as soon as I see her.

Dustina: Congrats on "BEING HOME" and on getting your internet hooked up.

Carey: She is too! I love her soooo much! You should have seen how excited she was when her Grampa gave her the flowers.....

Hi Lisa, hi Ann, hi Gina. How are you doing? If I forgot anyone, just smack me!!!

For those of you on my Facebook, there is an album of pictures from the dance recital.

Thanks everyone, I am proud of my "little stinker". She was so good and so cute!!!

We had another busy day today. First we went to see DH's Dad for Father's Day. Then we all went out to Swiss Chalet for supper. Then we went to the Mass dedicated to his Mom. We just got home.

By the way, for those who care, I GOT MIL'S SHAWL BACK TODAY! I am so pleased to have it here. I wrapped it around DH and I and we got a "hug from his Mom".

Tomorrow I might just sleep all day long, or perhaps I should do some cleaning, but it's very hot here and the fools upstairs won't put on the a/c because it "costs too much". I got laundry done on Saturday. We've been in and out since then and the place is a hurricane site!
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