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Okay -- I checked further. And I am relieved to say that this seems legit. I went to the "People" tab on Ravelry and clicked on "By Country." I then clicked "Saudi Arabia" and found all the groups there. Bingo! One is called "How Like to Krochet Group" and it was apparently founded in March, 2009, without the teacher's knowledge by an 8-year-old. His name and profile are on Ravelry. The teacher's name is Miss Hunter and she is encouraging more kids to join Rav. It is an international coed school, by the way, so it is probably more liberal than most Saudi schools.

Still, Ravelry was not designed for kids and has no parental controls. One of the children belongs to 289 Ravelry groups! To your concern, Jack, some of these groups may include adult content. (Groups that show naughty pictures or use bad language have warnings at top of the page, but that's not going to stop a curious child from checking them out.) Perhaps someone should mention this to Miss Hunter. And I still think it would be a good idea to contact Casey. It really is not a place for children.

ETA. How does Miss Hunter know whether the guys she is inviting to mentor her boys and girls are good souls like Jack?
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