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Originally Posted by Abbily View Post
Julie, I have been busy, but it seems like I'm doing the same thing every day, so my posts would be terribly boring. How's your class going?
I have a second exam to complete this week (maybe I'll do better than a 70 on it fingerscrossed And to complain a bit we have these group projects and I'm the only one in the group getting off my a$$ to complete them. I've been the only contributor on the first one and the second one I at least had communication with 2 other; but they didn't do anything, just talked. So now we have the 3rd part due on the 5th and I've asked for their imput on how they want to split the duties so I dont do all of it...but so far no responce, imagine that. So I'll just complete it on my own & wait for them & then probably be the only contributor again & submit it. The only good part about that is that we have a 'peer review' for each part of the group project and so we get to grade eachother & I'm keeping notes on who talkes to me and who doesn't. The total points for the project is 100 and so far most aren't getting any points which will hurt them in the long run. 20 pts per project. Anyway I am the kind of person that has to get things done asap and turned in asap because I never know what life will bring or if internet will be down or whatever; so I like to take care of my stuff right away & then not have it hanging over my head.
aren't you glad you asked

Glad to be able to read a few posts on here this morning. Gets kinda boring when I come on here to check & there's no one replying.

O today's Tuesday right, the 4th tuesday? It's knit night tonight then! Hopefully Dh will be home before 7:30 and I can go. But I have nothing on the needles; its a sin I know. Any ideas?
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