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For those worried about intolerance, hang out on the "Men Who Knit" forum for a while and you would see it's justified.
Some of those guys can't seem to take a thread over 5 posts without turning the talk to gay sex. I suspect those types are the whole reason "Straight Men Also Crochet and Knit" was started. It wasn't about intolerance because many of the gay men from MWK also go there.
For some reason MWK seems to get more women asking about teaching young boys than SMACK does.
I imagine that's where this one went and she had a rude awakening and Jack was a welcome sight.

As far as gay men mentoring little boys, it's not really going to convince the boys that it's OK for them to be doing a "girl's hobby" when the men you provide them for roll models are gay.
That would have the opposite effect.
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