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It seems to be taking most people about 1-2 months. With some taking longer and some taking less than 1. With the way I knit I figure closer to 2 months for me.

Some notes about the actual pattern:

It looks fairly straight forward and "simple". I think the most difficult thing will be that your stitch count will change through out. It looks like the stitch count after each row will be:

Cast on 89
set up row 89
rows 1 & 2 91
rows 2 & 4 93
rows 5 - 8 95
rows 9 & 10 93
rows 11 & 12 91
rows 13 - 16 89

Each row will start with 5,7,9 ect. stitches then will have a 12 stitch repeat. The repeat happens 7 times in each row.

Some ideas or suggestions I have are to make sure to place a lifeline ( the last one under fixing mistakes) after each 16 row repeat so that if you notice an error you can "easily" frog down to that point. I think I will also use stitch markers to mark out each of the 7 repeats in each row to make keeping track of where I am easier.

Some notes about the chart:

The chart is not made by the designer and has a few differences from the written instructions. I recommend printing both out and going over it line by line before you start.

Take note of the following:

You need to read all rows from right to left. The pattern repeats are marked with red lines and that is the only way they will work out using the chart. I highlighted the repeat to make it more visible to me.

Rows 7 and 8 on the chart don't seem to match up to the written words to me. The pattern repeats seem to be marked wrong. On those two rows reading from right to left the pattern repeat begins after the first 2 stitches, then 12 stitch pattern for 7 times, then end with the last 9 stitches.

Finally, the chart shows ssk instead of skp and a s2, k1, psso instead of a s1, k2tog, psso. It's my understanding that they are interchangeable, but look different. I'm going to use the ones from the designer and not the chart.

You can just use the written instructions, but I like charts and after making the above changes it shouldn't be a problem.

Gah, that's a lot, but I hope it helps. I think I will start in a week or two. Anyone interested, just post and we can set a date.

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