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Originally Posted by mathwizard View Post
That cast on method in crochet is called the magic ring. I use it all the time when making doilies and when starting a project requiring a chaining of sts joined with a sl st. Yes, it does eliminate the hole.
Here is a link to a video on YouTube. Google has change their look a bit.
Notice there a several different names given to it. I guess we crocheters can't make up our minds, lol.
I guess I won't be using silk if it will take that much yarn. It also eliminates some special yarn I have but not enough of. To bad as it has a nice sheen and is so light reflecting.
I dunno, if you're just going to be doing a doily... sometimes 700-900 yards is plenty. I'm just an idiot about larger projects. I tend to knit the ones with at least 160 rounds or more. Alita took 945, Stor Lyesdug only took around 600. Just really depends alot on needle and thread sizes. The Egeblad, I used a slub cotton, very small...around size 20 and since it was on a cone I found at the thrift store, I have no idea how much was used.

And I know what you mean on not having enough...can't count how many times I've run out and had to restart in another yarn or wait for more to arrive. I just bit the bullet and bought 2 skeins of Seasilk, gorgeous and luscious. I'll be making payments on that purchase for awhile...LOL! Still haven't decided what to make but it'll be something that only uses 2 skeins!
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