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Originally Posted by mathwizard View Post
I have been to WEBS and it is great! Where did you get Seasilk? Is it really soft?
I'm envious! Wish I could just take 3 days and loll around WEBS, feeling and drooling! I'm trying to remember on the Seasilk...Got it from Yes, it is soft...has a seaweed odor, not sure if that suits me but hopefully I won't smell fishy wearing it. LOL! It's a Handmaiden product and I was fortunate enough to get ahold of the larger skeins with 656 yards. I have it in Periwinkle...wanted the Waterfall but they didn't have two skeins in the same dye lot but this is pretty, too. It has a luscious sheen to it. I've never been much of a yarn snob, can't afford to be but this was a gift to me from me...know what I mean???
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