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Couldn't you just start the edge the same way you started each section?

I'm not that far yet, so maybe I'm not getting what you are wondering about.

I'm still working on my blanket, same log as my last post. I knitted about 9 ridges and added yarn three or four times (my ball had a lot of knots. The history of it is that I frogged an earlier project that had lots of shorter pieces. I didn't realize this ball was full of knots when I started working with it.)

Then I noticed a dropped stitch about half way down. I tried to fix it, but it didn't work out, and I decided I might as well frog back and get rid of all those short pieces.

I pulled out three of them by the time I made it back to where I was ready to start over again! That seems like a lot for such a small area and it's not like I have a shortage of mint-green yarn.

I'm now about 19 ridges into that section (out of 36). I really am taking my time. DH and I have started watching TV together at night after the kids are in bed, and that's 40 - 50 minutes of me working on this project each time. It's not every night, but as often as we can.
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