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Help with understanding hat instructions?
Hi all

I am currently knitting a baby hat and so far I think I have done ok - very new to knitting Anyway I am up to a part that is shaping the crown and have followed all the instructions but do not understand the instruction after the 9th round. So I've put the instructions below - probably abit much but needed help!

Shape Crown:
1st Round: *Patt 5, (patt 2 tog) twice, patt 5, rep from * to end...60 sts
Work 3 rounds patt.
5th Round: *Patt 4, (patt 2 tog) twice, patt 4, rep from * to end...50 sts
Work 3 rounds patt.
9th Round: *Patt 3, (patt 2tog) twice, patt 3 rep from * to end... 40 sts
Cont dec in this manner in foll 4th round/s until 10 sts rem.

The last line in bold is the one I am having trouble with! Do I just repeat the 9th round again till the 10 sts or from the 1st round and repeat everything? Sorry just slightly confused - and hope I haven't confused others! Thanks for any help!
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