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Originally Posted by AngieLanigan View Post
I would definately let Casey know. What a strange situation all around. I don't remember specifically from signing up at Ravelry, but I know that every vBulletin site I've ever signed up with, I've had to confirm that I was over 13 years of age. If Ravelry doesn't have the same legal agreement, they probably should. I agree that it's not really an appropriate place for a bunch of 3rd graders to be hanging out. And to be honest, I think it's really strange for a teacher to not only be encouraging it, but to be actively assisting them.

Jack, please don't take this the wrong way, but as an adult in today's society, I would never befriend an unknown child over the internet, especially if I were a man. It shouldn't be this way, but unfortunately there are so many ways it can be seen in the wrong light, I personally wouldn't put myself in that situation, regardless of how innocent my intentions were.

It just blows my mind how naive this teacher is, that she would encourage a minor under her care to develop any kind of relationship with an adult stranger over the internet. Does she have no idea how many perverted, twisted people there are out there? This whole thing is very disturbing to me :(
Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
AMEN! Well said, Angie!
Originally Posted by knitasha View Post
I was also disturbed by the naivete and thoughtlessness of this teacher, and I did email Casey at the contact address more than a week ago. This was a strongly worded message which mentioned not only how the kids could be harmed, but how Ravelry could possibly be held liable if something bad happened.

As of today, I have not received a response. The group still exists, but there are only three posts on it, and the last one was more than a month ago. So it seems to have fizzled as a classroom activity, but I still think the teacher needs a lesson.

I did sent two messages about this to Ravelry contacts: one to Casey directly and one to the general rav. help email. No reply to me either.

Originally Posted by iwouldratherbeknitting View Post
US school teacher here.. teaching in a foreign country (Germany) my students are the children of the US military-- and we have very specific computer use guidelines. I'm surprised that she is able to use a school computer to access a forum site.

I know that our students have to sign computer usage agreements and I would think that the school that this teacher is teaching in/at.. would have something similiar? Also, it sounds like she might be teaching at an 'International School' and that many of her students could be from other foreign countries- along w/ Saudi Arabia?

As a teacher, I wouldn't want to encourage any student of mine (and I've taught 3rd graders too) to befriend any stranger on the internet.. especially an adult stranger.

What ever happened to having your students be letter writing penpals to another school in another state or country.. in the same grade?
Originally Posted by Knitting_Guy View Post
Strikes me as a bit....odd. The "STRAIGHT" thing seems a bit offensive if nothing else. Being a straight guy, I would take this as an insult suggesting that if you knit you are probably gay, but if I were a gay person I would take this especially insulting.

Why would this person bring up the gay/straight thing at all? What does it have to do with knitting?

Odd is exactly what I though about it and I also found the message to be offensive.

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