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Our Two Oddball Lapghans Were Donated Today!

What a wonderful day I had today.
It was such a joy to take our two large Oddball Lapghans to the Tree House Children's Advocacy Center in Monroe, NC. I was greeted by Pamela Caskey, the South Region Director for United Family Services. I also was able to meet Sharon Thacker, the Chief Operating Officer. They were so appreciative, and really took an interest in our project.

We met in a nice conference room to talk about the blankets. Pamela was pleased to let us take a photo together.

Next, she took us on a tour of the facility, telling us more about their organization. I wish I had a tape recorder, so I could remember it all. That place is AWESOME! They do a wonderful work with the victimized children and teens that come there for help.

Here are some photos I took during the tour.

One of the rooms they use for interviewing victims and/or their family:

A play table in that room, that was built and hand-painted by a volunteer:

A pretty handmade tree house for the children to play with during discussions there.

The beautiful exam room, with toys for the children to choose from after their exam. You can also see the blankets under the cabinet. The children and teens choose a blanket to use during the exam - they can keep the blanket forever.

Here, Pamela is showing one of the handmade quilts that was donated to the center. She said that sometimes the children will still have the blanket in their grasp when they come back for a follow-up appointment at a later date. It's nice to know that the children appreciate the blankets.

I think our blankets look nice in that exam room, don't you?

Since we were taking photos, I grabbed my hubby for a photo as well.

Pamela then showed us the other side of the room, where they have the exam table. They have a nice setup there. She said that some of the victims have never been to the doctor before in their life, so they can be quite anxious.

I just love the bright, colorful floor rug in the exam room. I imagine that some of the children are shy, and come in staring at the floor. What a happy view they are greeted with!

When we were leaving the exam room, I placed our blankets on the little conference table in there. Goodbye Oddball Lapghans!

When we left the exam room, Pamela showed us some of the beautiful artwork that has been created and donated to their organization. So inspiring!

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