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Rude Salespeople
I just spoke to the rudest sales person at work. The receptionist stepped out so I picked up the line. Let me preface that since I work for a very small firm (3 employees other than the attorney) my job title is Legal Assistant; however, it includes the role of office manager so decisions related to office equipment and products coming into the office come through me. We have also been instructed to always screen out sales calls since my boss is a very busy attorney. Plus, I've been here for seven years and know what he may be interested in versus what he is absolutely not interested in.

The call went like this:

Him: "Is William there?"
Me: "May I ask who's calling?"
Him: "(A name I didn't catch) from Cisco Systems"
Me: "And what is this regarding?"
Him: "Is he there?"
Me "I need to know what this call is regarding?"
Him "Well we're offering equipment to people in your area."
Me: "No thank you. Have a nice day" and then I hung up.

Before I go into what happened next let me ask you guys - was what I said rude? I swear I did not have a tone with the man. We are all just trying to pay our bills and I know he's just doing his job. now, here's what happened next:

He called back and I answered:

Him: "Excuse me. Are you the owner there?"
Me: "No. I am Mr. Koontz' legal assistant"
Him: "I want to talk to William NOW"
Me: "I'm sorry. This sounds like a sales call. Is this a sales call?"
Him: "None of your business"
Me: "You're rude"
Him: "No you're rude and you're not going to have a job soon lady"
Me: "Can I take your num . . ."

and then he hung up on me before I could finish.

I have never, ever had a sales person call me back like that.
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