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Originally Posted by cftwo View Post
I had a telemarketer's SUPERVISOR call back like that once after I had said "No thank you. I'm not interested" and hung up. I was accused of hanging up on the telemarketer and then when I repeated the fact that I was not interessted in whatever it was they were trying to sell, the supervisor hung up on me. It was an interesting call.
I think we all get aggravated with telemarketers. I try to be cordial with them (up to a point), because that's their job, every day, and I wouldn't want to have people hang up on me time after time, but when you keep politely trying to say no thanks, and they keep pushing and pushing, it's very hard not to get a little "testy".

I recently told a telemarketer, after 3 attempts to sell me something, that I was trying to be polite, but 3 times was enough. He FINALLY got it, and replied with, "Okay, the third time's the charm" before hanging up on me!!!
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