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Noro silk garden - joining
After seeing ArtLady's beautiful Noro handspun scarves, I decided that I just had to make one! I am using Noro Silk garden Lite. Well, I am about 10" into the scarf, and I have run into a knot in the yarn. The color of the yarn abruptly changes from deep purple (before the knot) to teal (after the knot). I did a Russian join, but I don't know that the abrupt color change will look right, when the other changes will be gradual changes. I was thinking that maybe I could cut out the teal, and reattach the purple yarn to another section of purples in the ball. Then maybe I could reattach the teal when I reach a point in the yarn where it will match. I hope this makes sense. It's a little hard to explain! Anyway, has anyone run into this problem with this yarn or a similar yarn?

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