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What was it Terry Pratchett wrote...something about five exclamation points on the end of a sentence is the sure sign of a diseased mind...?

At some point or other, I read a knitting blog, and whoever it was was talking about their hero of the year. Their hero was a young woman who was just learning to knit. She gave a quote from this new knitter, who said that "everything about knitting that she thought was going to be scary and hard, had turned out to be fun and easy", and that knitting had not only opened her world to the craft and art of knitting, but also to finding out so much about herself and how much she can do even though she's afraid that she can't.

That really touched me, and I've never forgotten it, or her, ever since reading it.

There's no courage in doing things that you know you can do. When you're afraid of failing or of not being good enough, that's when you need courage to try anyway. Find that courage and try it out, because it really *is* easy and fun once you learn how -- and you'll discover that you *can* do things that you never thought you could.

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Latest FO: A shrug for an Anthropologie swap in beautiful Casbah sock yarn, in Cedar, a dark green semi-solid, my own pattern. Also a quick Noro Silk Garden neckwarmer for my friend Aideen, in a vine lace pattern.

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