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My sister wrote off my Dad and my dads side of the family. My dad feels like my sister is being rude and unreasonable, and will not willingly be helpful unless she apoligizes....or at least acts respectful in his house (which I think is fair)

My sister got married to a man double her age (at the time she was 20 and he was 40ish)...and nobody liked the guy..(me included) What this has effectively done, is make things awkward. My mom doesn't feel like she can talk to or about my sister in my dads sister WON'T go see my their house (she will meet my mom outside the house) and it nearly caused the split between my parents...

I want to see my sister occasionally...but I hate the fact that if I am inviting her over...I am inviting her husband over...and I really don't want him in my house...but she doesn't so much drive...

So I hear from her via facebook and occasionally the odd phone call...

So I guess...if you are going to cut depends on how you slice it...just cause you are cutting out some, doesn't mean you are cutting out all...and where does that leave everyone else? Also...are these ppl going to be there for you later on down the line? Sometimes it isnt' an issue...but what if it is?
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