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I guess I have really already made up my mind, but am hesitating to act because of the future ramifications. I KNOW what I should do, and why, it's just a matter of doing it.

If you'd like a little background, you might take a peek at my blog. But, basically, abuse is abuse. I can be co-dependent in my own abuse, or I can choose not to be. I can decide that I have kept the open door policy long enough, that I have been holding out a futile hope long enough, that I need closure whether or not any of the other members are ready for it.

And if I write off one member of the family, I would write them all off - NOT because all of them are contributing to the problem - but because they willingly tollerate those who do! Putting myself in the middle of all the back-and-forth is just exposing myself to more pain, something I refuse to do.

I need the strength to do what I know I must.
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