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Should Ashley Paige's patterns be published for the public?
So I've only been knitting for a few years. I was shocked when I started because it just came naturally for me. I wish I had started when I was younger. I was nervous to start an actual pattern- had only been doing scarves! - as I thought it might be too difficult to decipher. This too seemed not to be problem for me either.

Right now I am looking at one of Ashley Paige's "most popular" pattern books: Sexy Little Knits. Most of the patterns are not very difficult and don't require a high skill level to complete. However, I found her pattern writing technique VERY difficult to understand.

I would like to start working on Little Mermaid Strapless Top but have found it very confusing. This is not a confusing garment to construct, so why does the pattern make me go: HUH?!?!

Will someone please help me to decipher this pattern so maybe I could make this before the summer's through? ...or maybe have it handy for next summer?

FYI: I thought it might be smart to visit her website to see if maybe I could get feedback from her- or her "people". But that was a dead end as her site's only focus is to find empathy in the public about her follies in the clothing design industry.

She patterns great garments, but.....
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