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I am in no way dissing Ashley as a designer, she makes WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL clothing. But when I pick up a pattern book to emulate one of her awesome creations and find in the first line of the pattern that it doesn't make sense, and then try to go to her website for help from the source and can't find any assistance. This is when it begins to get VERY frustrating.

My sequence of help was to go as follows:
*Go to the pattern writer directly and ask for help or find out if there is an errata.
*Ask others who might have done this pattern if they might have additional advice. (Going to these forms... haven't quite made it to Ravelry yet, that was my next stop.)
*Ask my local knitting friends for help

She may be a very brilliant designer- I've never met her personally. And making money off of her patterns is a very noble profession. But her website portrays her as a VERY confused, disorganized, unprepared person.

Could this be a case of someone getting in a little over their heads??
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