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Originally Posted by kreweel View Post
Hi, I am stuck and hope someone can help. I am knitting a pattern that has in it, (yfwd) twice. I get that part, but am confused about what to do on the next row, which is the wrong side, and it is a purl row. Hope this makes sense and someone can help me, ready to take off the needles and search for a new pattern.

Lee Werk
Welcome! Questions get more attention when placed in the How-to section, but I'll get this one here. What you do with the double yo depends on what it's purpose is in the pattern. If you have a large eyelet in the pattern, the WS row will usually tell you to drop one of the yo's, and you'd purl into the one that's left.

If you have to work both of the yo's, then your best bet is to purl one and knit one on the WS row.
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