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Bobble stitch in Vogue Spring/Summer 2009
Hello everyone!
I wanted to knit the one button cardigan in Vogue S/S 2009 issue, but I just can't figure out how to work the 6th row of the bobble stitch pattern they give... Can someone share knit-wisdom with me???

Here's the instructions for the stitch:
Row 1 : purl
Row 2 : knit
Row 3 : P2, *sl 1 st wyif, p1; rep from *, end p1.
Row 4 : knit
Row 5 : purl

Here's the row I'm having trouble with:
Row 6 : K2 *K1B into next st 2 rows below AT SAME TIME picking up the sl st from row 3, k1*, rep from *, end k1.
Repeat rows 1-6 for bobble pat st.

Thank you!
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