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Mr. Monk's Last Season Scarf KA (Illusion)
We started a KA on the Ravelry Monk-o-Philes group in honor of Mr. Monk's last season which starts tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

The KA is here, I'm having to quickly learn illusion knitting and I don't KNOW if my first letter is correct, if anyone knows, please look at the PDF I posted here. It's the letter 'B'. we're writing 'blessing' and 'curse' on the scarf.

If you like, join the KA here on KH, you don't have to be on Ravelry to join us!

You MUST use size 10's ........... you'll thank me later.
And taupe yarn, Mr. Monk would like that.
C.O. must be an even 30. He'd like that too.
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