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Welcome to the KH Forum, everyone!

Originally Posted by JeanAnne View Post
.......I'd like to learn how to make other things like legwarmers for example or two needle socks (don't like double pointed needles). I'd also like to learn how to design my own garments and to make cables without a cable needle.
If you don't like double-pointed needles, you might want to look for instructions on doing the "magic loop" method, or "two circulars". Good luck!

Originally Posted by zookeeper8 View Post
.........have a pattern for slippers from CocoKnits that calls for 2 circular needles and I just can't seem to get the hang of it! all other tutorials show it used for small areas, however this pattern calls for you to pick up 50 stitches on each side...
You'll get lots more help if you post this question in the "How To" section of the forum.
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