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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
I made a black and white diagram of my Jamaica blanket and filled in the blocks (logs) with the colors before beginning.

You can also make colored squares separately, and move them around until you get a good color placement.

I can hardly wait to see yours!
I got my 16 yr old son to show me how to make the quilt block outlines & fill in the colours in microsoft word. I started the blanket 2 nights ago & I finished block 2 last night & wondered why it wasn't sitting right. I had counted the ridges on block 1 by 2's
I had to frog block 2 & am now knitting the other half of block 1 It won't take me long too knit back to where I was. Block 1 is red, Block 2 is forest green & block 3 is bright yellow.

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